home Portable Camplux 5L 1.32 GPM Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater With 1.2 GPM Water Pump

Camplux 5L 1.32 GPM Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater With 1.2 GPM Water Pump

Camplux 5L 1.32 GPM Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater With 1.2 GPM Water Pump

  • CSA approved portable tankless water heater for US &Canada markets. Lowest water pressure start up just need 3.0 PSI! Also works great with Camplux 12V 1.2 GPM water pump.
  • Wide comfortable water temperature range from 8℃-46℃ (46.4℉-114.8℉), 1.32 gallons per minute of hot water output, you can get instant on-demand hot water easily .
  • Compact and lightweight size with folding handle keeps it out of the way, allowing for a convenient set-up outdoors,great for off-grid,road trips,camping trips.
  • Flame failure device, anti-freezing protection,over heating protection,oxygen depletion safety shut-off protection always ensures you wonderful and safety outdoor showers.
  • Designed with high efficiency combustion technology to decrease gas consumption and burning noise, structure with 11.5% energy saving technology,you can saving more energy and money

1.The Camplux AY132S provides you the convenience of unlimited hot water in any situation.
2.Wash your car or boat, dog washing, horse washing, or even set it up beside your pool.
3. Perfect for OUTDOOR installations but can be also installed indoors where is well ventilated with Oxygen Depletion Sensor protection. 4.Ignition provided by two D cell batteries which means electricity isn’t required to power the unit(batteries not included).
5.The ideal low water pressure operating range for the Camplux AY132S is 2.5~110.0 PSI, work easily with great performance.
6.The operating propane gas pressure is 0.4PSI with maximum power output 34000btu/hour.
7.The system also works great on modified water systems with a 12 volt water pump.
8.Includes the connectors required to attach any standard garden hose nozzle and gas cylinder(gas cylinder not included).
9.The gas water heater can’t be used for drinking water.

Easy to Use
Get the instant portable gas hot water system that’s easy to set up and use!
1. Hang the gas water heater using the handle provided, or install the water heater on the wall.
2. Connect the gas cylinder with the supplied gas hose and regulator.
3. Connect shower hose and shower head to the hot water outlet.
4. Connect water hose to the water inlet.
5. Insert 2 “D” cell batteries.
6. Enjoy instant hot water!

What’s in the Box
1 x Camplux portable hot water system
1 x 3 setting ON/OFF shower head and pedestal
1 x 5″ft premium shower hose
1 x 5″ft CSA approval gas hose & regulator
1 x garden hose: 1/2″  BSP Female x 3/4″ GHT Female
1 x garden hose: 1/2″ BSP Female X 3/4″ GHT Male
1 x gas inlet connector: 1/2″ BSP Female x 5/8″ NPT  Inverted Flare Male
1 x accessories package(included water tape & screws )
1 x instruction manual

Inquiry & aftersales service: support@camplux.com
Service Hotline: (1)-844-538-7475

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